Brissago Blue

inviting,refreshing,soothing… awakens the desire for a relaxed time-out in the Mediterranean climate and evokes images of nature as well as the whole range of opportunities for water sports. Bubbling Ticino The crystal clear waters of Ticino are a real cure-all for your health. The deep, brilliant blue of the lakes is pure energy and a […]

Lugano Sunset Orange

radiant,warm,cheery… appears inviting thanks to its bright orange tones like a warm, friendly hug and celebrates the splendid magni-ficence of the sky as the sun goes down. 5 must-see sunsets in Ticino The panorama in Ticino is fascinating. But it is even more beautiful at sunset, when the warm light embraces your heart and the […]

Valle di Muggio Green

lush,invigorating,reactivating…. represents lush green and rich biological diversity. It makes you think of untamed nature, soft green pastures and vast landscapes. Preservingthe cultural landscape The Muggio Valley, right at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, is known for its agricultural history and rare flora and fauna. The Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley works in conjunction […]

Bellinzona Fortress Grey

strong, enduring, authentic… conveys a reassuring message of strength and security and symbolises the durability of this unique fortress. A very Present Middle Age From history to now, in a trice; from the time-worn walls to the street market. A city rich in memories and traditions that attracts visitors from everywhere. Discover now From castle […]

Ticino Camellia Pink

dazzling, vivid, brilliant… captivates with its beguiling presence. This dynamic, vivid color immediately captures everyone’s attention and attracts you to a convivial Mediterranean paradise. A jewelright in the heart of the city A captivating plant that embellishes gardens and parks with its colors, the camellia flower has symbolised the Lake Maggiore area for years. It […]

Mogno Marble White

cool,durable,tranquil… conveys a feeling of calm and serenity, showing the invincibility of the strong, durable metamorphic stone. Chiselled in stone Far from the lakes and towns and nestled almost right at the end of the Maggia Valley, the cliff reveals its white, rugged beauty. The stone quarry in Peccia is where architect Mario Botta sourced […]

Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow

hopeful,cheerful,optimistic… immediately captivates anyone with its shimmering rays. This friendly hue calls forth hope, happiness and high spirits, increasing anticipation for the new day. Admiring the mountainsclose to the sky Spending a night in a cabin on the mountains of Ticino is a unique experience. First, enjoy a tasty dinner of polenta in good company […]

Gandria Olive Green

graceful,fertile,healthy… is reminiscent of the prolific olives at the start of ripening and underlines the historic meaning of the olive tree for the village perched on Lake Lugano. The Olive Grove Trailaround Lake Lugano A magical panoramic pathway runs along Lake Lugano between Castagnola and Gandria. One side offers stunning views over the Lake and […]

Ticino Chestnut Brown

wholesome,tempting,warm… celebrates the valuable fruits of the chestnut forest and their meaning for Ticino with its vibrant brown with red undertones. Collect chestnuts Who doesn’t love collecting the prickly treasures from the chestnut woods that are then transformed into nuts roasted in their shells or turned into tasty vermicelles, a delicious flour, crunchy cereal or […]

Gole della Breggia Rosé Gold

natural,covert,unique… has a revitalizing effect and captivates thanks to its unique vibrancy which comes into its own thanks to the contrast it forms with deep green hues of the river. 200 million years of geological history The Breggia river crosses the entire Muggio Valley, with the limestone layers shimmering golden pink above the fresh, clear […]