Valle di Muggio Green

lush,invigorating,reactivating…. represents lush green and rich biological diversity. It makes you think of untamed nature, soft green pastures and vast landscapes. Preservingthe cultural landscape The Muggio Valley, right at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, is known for its agricultural history and rare flora and fauna. The Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley works in conjunction […]

Lugano Sunset Orange

radiant,warm,cheery… appears inviting thanks to its bright orange tones like a warm, friendly hug and celebrates the splendid magni-ficence of the sky as the sun goes down. 5 must-see sunsets The panorama in Ticino is fascinating. But it is even more beautiful at sunset, when the warm light embraces your heart and the last rays […]

Ticino Camellia Pink

dazzling, vivid, brilliant… captivates with its beguiling presence. This dynamic, vivid color immediately captures everyone’s attention and attracts you to a convivial Mediterranean paradise. A jewelright in the heart of the city A captivating plant that embellishes gardens and parks with its colors, the camellia flower has symbolised the Lake Maggiore area for years. It […]